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The SecDef Accelerator leverages ten years of CEIS' experience, a team with in-depth knowledge of the high-tech sector, and a unique network of operational services in France and Europe across the defence, security, intelligence, and cyber sectors.


The SecDef Accelerator is dedicated to innovation and dual-use technologies in security and defence. Its mission is to establish a strong link between operational requirements and technological solutions offered. 
The SecDef Accelerator brings together operational, academic and industry experts for collaborative thinking, experimentation and demonstration of innovative technological building blocks. It allows innovative SMEs and start-ups to connect with end users in the security and defence fields. 


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The SecDef Accelerator is an agile concept, where demonstration sessions are adapted to the topics, needs, and target audiences. Sessions can for instance include:

  • Presentation of disruptive technologies

  • Collaborative workshop on new uses

  • Seminar on requirements, solutions and uses

  • Showcasing the start-ups and SMEs supported by a public or private investor

  • Identification and presentation of innovative solutions around a specific topic.

SecDef Accelerator sessions can be hosted in Paris or Brussels, according to the topic, goal, and target audience.



The SecDef Accelerator offers opportunities fo public and private end-users and investors looking for the most innovative technologies or keen to show off their success stories.
Demonstration sessions typically showcase three complementary solutions to an identified problem. An upstream study identifies 20-30 innovative companies offering solutions to a particular problem, after which 3 are selected to present to an audience of some 40 end-users. Sessions end with a networking opportunity to contribute to the buildup of a community.

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